A special partner of HERE for many years, GEOCONCEPT provides a comprehensive data offering in addition to its own software solutions.

Present in 23 countries on five continents, HERE Traffic™ leads its competitors by virtue of its superior real-time road information coverage and is the world’s largest and most diverse road network. Its extremely accurate data helps drivers reach their destination faster and more efficiently.



HERE brings together data from a wealth of sources, including :

  • One of the biggest arrays of retail and consumer detectors
  • The world’s most extensive network of proprietary static sensors
  • Road data collated by the police forces, emergency services and road congestion evaluation organizations
  • Billions of items of historical data collated over the past eight years.
 Unique proprietary technologies used to integrate, process and transmit this road information.

With the massive increase in GPS data collated from millions of mobile telephones, PDAs and Internet-connected on-board systems, HERE has managed to accelerate its expansion and offer accurate coverage, not only of motorways and main highways, but of the secondary routes in urban centers as well.
Development projects at a global level are also ambitious and the company continues to deploy HERE Traffic™ in new countries and regions of the world.


NAVTEQHERE Traffic Patterns™

HERETraffic Patterns™ is a comprehensive database collating average traffic speeds on certain roads and specific road sections. Its objective is to anticipate traffic congestion depending on the locations and times at which it generally occurs.

This product is based on cumulative and verified historical data emanating from national and international sources, GPS sondes and data sensors, namely more than three billion private and commercial data items in total each month the world over.

Thanks to this standard data on traffic conditions, navigation systems can calculate routes enabling them to circumvent the traditionally congested roads on certain days or at certain times of the week.

HERE Traffic Patterns™ provides huge coverage, from international cross-border road networks to local roads, providing drivers with the information they need to know when and how to avoid traffic congestion. Currently, the product covers all the roads in Europe’s 31 countries and regions and the major urban conurbations in Russia and Ukraine. Beyond Europe, in Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Porto Rico, and the United States and in a number of specific areas of Brazil, the road network coverage is complete.

Capable of calculating the speed at which traffic is flowing in the absence of real-time route information, HERE Traffic Patterns™ can be used in parallel with HERE Traffic™ to create a superlatively comprehensive road solution.
Geomarketing solutions, especially integrating isochrone areas, are thus enhanced with real-time optimization functions for analyses that approximate more closely to reality on the ground.

It should be noted that GEOCONCEPT is one of the first publishers in Europe and the first in France to incorporate this function in its range of software solutions.

HERE Truck AttributesTM

The HERE Truck AttributesTM database is dedicated to the transport and logistics sector. Available in 76 countries in the world, these data include numerous attributes specific to heavy goods vehicles, such as weight, height, length and width restrictions, legal restrictions specific to road transport and to speed limits, restrictions affecting dangerous substances and special routes for heavy goods vehicles