For more than 12 years, TRUFFAUT has been using Geoconcept Sales & Marketing to carry out its location studies in France (sales outlet opening and expansion projects) and optimise its direct marketing campaigns.

TRUFFAUT cultivates their geomarketing strategy with GEOCONCEPT

Since last 12 years TRUFFAUT have been using Geoconcept Sales & Marketing to carry out its implementations studies in France (opening and extension projects of outlets) and optimize direct marketing campaigns.

The Challenge for TRUFFAUT: Develop an effective Geomarketing strategy

Optimize its sales and distribution network

TRUFFAUT has marked the history of the garden with more than two centuries of passion for nature, constantly creating and inventing to bring the art and pleasure of the garden to
Positioning itself in a highly competitive market, the brand of national scale thinks of the development of its garden center network in 1964. Then in 1997, it refines its outlets implementation strategy and decides to track the evolution of its catchment areas, launching a postal codes survey campaign for its customers. TRUFFAUT then sows the first seeds of a real geomarketing strategy.
In the early 2000s, the brand decided to focus on larger sales areas (over 6000m) to enhance the scope of its product lines and to offer its customers a unique consumer experience. 



The compagny decided to use the intelligence of a geomarketing solution to be able to do:

  • Analysis of catchment areas: by measuring the scope of attractiveness of existing or potential sales outlets. TRUFFAUT can rely on reliable and concrete criteria to decide for opening of a new store or extension of another.
  • Customers’ Study: by analyzing the behavior and habits of its customers, TRUFFAUT can develop and optimize direct marketing campaigns.
TRUFFAUT in a few figures :
  • 1824 : creation of the first TRUFFAUT store in Versailles
  • 57 stores in France
  • 3 areas : garden, pets, home
  • 10 millions clients served
  • 375,000 m² of total sales area with 2,650 employees
  • 2012 Sales: €480 million


Geomarketing serving an all-terrain implementation strategy


In 2001 TRUFFAUT chose to deploy the Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution, a geomarketing tool that will quickly become indispensable for analysis and development of its network, all formats of stores involved. Thanks to the GEOCONCEPT solution, TRUFFAUT can easily drive internally the simulations of outlet layouts and develop a new store base, while managing geographic and regulatory constraints related to each. Once zones are defined, the tool also allows to measure and compare the performance of its existing stores.

Garden recovery, installations in the shopping malls, huge department stores... Every TRUFFAUT implementation project is unique, because of its size and typology and involves specific spatial analyzes (notably isochronous studies conducted from French IRIS map data and demographic data). Analysis of the models created from each zone then allows the brand to accurately measure the average control rate of the brand in the garden market.

Fabienne Meunier, Expansion Manager and Network Partners in TRUFFAUT comments: “GEOCONCEPT helped us over the years to perfect our geomarketing strategy, offering us every software update with latest innovations in the field. The studies we now conduct are unquestionably valuable decision making tools for our future locations.”
Focus implantations 2011 :
  • Inauguration of the Caen store (14, Calvados)
  • Acquisition of a garden centre at Cholet (49, Maine-et-Loire)
  • Integration into the network of the affiliate store at Trégueux (22, Côtes d’Armor)

Geo-marketing for getting to know your customers better and targeting them

TRUFFAUT cultive sa stratégie géomarketingGeography makes it possible to considerably enhance your customer understanding. The Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution enables TRUFFAUT to depict all its customer data (collected via one-off questionnaires, till receipts or directly from 850,000 loyalty card holders) and to cross-reference them with relevant external data (socio-demographic and behavioural) to define various statistical models and accurate customer profiles.
In this way, numerous customer studies are carried out each year, at national, regional and store level ; some of them on a recurring basis, others as requested by managers and regional directors, or else coinciding with special events (in particular, several sets of studies have been conducted as part of the recent launch of TRUFFAUT’s e-commerce site).
TRUFFAUT cultive sa stratégie géomarketing
By including a customer-relationship segmentation based on geographical criteria (commune level accuracy), the studies considerably improve customer knowledge. This enables TRUFFAUT to conduct marketing campaigns that are more efficient because they are better targeted.
Gaëtan Le Gaillard, Studies Manager in TRUFFAUT’s Customer Loyalty – Communication department, explains : « Knowing exactly where our customers are and who they are enables us to improve our communication strategy. The GeoConCePT solution does indeed enable us to accurately target those municipalities where we should be mounting direct marketing operations. For us it is an essential tool for visualising and analysing our store portfolio and customer base ».