Bébé 9 développe son réseau de points de vente avec GEOCONCEPT
To assist in its growth, Bébé 9 selected GEOCONCEPT, the leading publisher of geographical optimisation technologies, to analyse and develop its network of independent retail outlets, calmly and dispassionately.


The challenge facing Bébé 9 : develop its national retail outlet network

Bébé 9 développe son réseau de points de vente avec GEOCONCEPTEstablished in 1965, the France Maternité group brought together traders specialised in child care. Initially accommodated in toy shops, over time France Maternité’s child care became a fully fledged brand under the Bébé 9 banner.
Historically located in provincial town centre sites, in the early 2000s Bébé 9 changes its positioning with the aspiration of opening on the outskirts of medium and large population centres, thus providing greater selling space organised into themed areas. For each new opening project, Bébé 9 engaged an external service provider to prepare a specific market analysis.


By 2009 Bébé 9 has a footprint covering many of France’s medium sized and large population centres. With 175 retail outlets to its credit, the brand sees the pace of development accelerate and decides to define a new strategy to build out its network grid in the provinces and embark on its development in the Paris region.

In the summer of 2009, Bébé 9 therefore issued a call for tenders for a genuine decision-making tool for optimising the development of its network. This tool must also enable the brand to bring the production of its market analyses in-house to make it more responsive to certain site acquisition opportunities (taking over an existing site for example), which require quick decision- making.
Bébé 9 in a few figures...
  • Established in 1965
  • France’s second largest chain of specialist child care stores
  • 185 stores in France
  • Almost 85,000 m2 of sales area
  • 2010 turnover : 180 million euro
  • 700 staff


GEOCONCEPT’s tailored response : Geoconcept Sales & Marketing and Geoconcept Universal Geocoder

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing et Geoconcept Universal GeocoderGEOCONCEPT wins the call for tenders with Geoconcept Sales & Marketing, its geomarketing solution, paired with Geoconcept Universal Geocoder, its geocoding solution. “Apart from the quality of the relationship with GEOCONCEPT, we were particularly impressed by the proposal it submitted ; it was the most comprehensive in terms of geographical data and functionality and provided the closest match with our initial specification”, said Ammata Phimphrachanh, Bébé 9 Project Manager.

Providing a rational, intuitive and user-friendly environment, Geoconcept Sales & Marketing quickly became an indispensable tool for Bébé 9 for analysing its network. From geocoding to thematic and spatial analysis through to reporting, the GEOCONCEPT solution features a rich array of functionality that makes a clear difference on the ground; here a few examples :

- Iris geocoding, for enhanced town centre site location accuracy,
- layered functionality enables the desired information to be quickly displayed or masked,
- the definition of catchment areas simplifies configuration and enables the results to be displayed quickly,
- simple and quick generation of market potential analyses.

Bébé 9 is developing nothing short of a commercial intelligence system

Thanks to the Geoconcept system, Bébé 9 is quickly shifting into top gear for its commercial site opening strategy and fine-tuning its relocation strategy, especially when a sales outlet reaches its maximum potential. “GEOCONCEPT enabled us to get to know our market inside out and develop a genuine commercial intelligence system”, Ammata Phimphrachanh added.
If the company has clearly made savings and become more proactive by bringing its market analyses in-house, it has also been able to create its own control variables that were not provided in the previous analyses conducted out-of-house. The child care market life cycle being relatively short (approximately 3 years), Bébé 9 is now able to monitor the need to refresh its customer base around an existing store and take the appropriate measures.
Bébé 9 développe une véritable intelligence commercialeThe analyses of potential conducted with GEOCONCEPT also incorporate specific INSEE data such as the number of births and pregnancy rate, this data accurately determines if a brand can or cannot achieve its forecast turnover within the catchment area.

“We know that we are not yet make full use of the software’s capabilities and the moment we want to conduct more in-depth analyses, we will be able to do so without any further investment”, Ammata Phimphrachanh added.

Since starting to use GEOCONCEPT, Bébé 9 has significantly developed its network in small, medium and large population centres and has started to roll out its grid in the Paris region. In 2011, the brand boasts a network of 185 retail outlets nationally.

Next stage: international, scheduled for 2013 !