Company data enable market analyses to be enhanced, prospecting activities to be more accurately targeted and the competitor environment to be analyzed. Sourced from Insee's and other data producers' “Sirene” database, these commercial data provide access to precious information:

Company data

Tallies at commune level are obtained from Insee’s Sirene database or from other data producers.
  • Type
  • Date founded
  • Workforce
  • Other data available: address, turnover, executive management contact details...

Retail-specific data

Points of sale networks

These networks are geocoded at street and number level. This information is indispensable, for example, for analyzing competitive pressure within an area in the context of implementing your strategic network.

  • Banks and insurance offices
  • Food supermarkets

  •  Specialist supermarkets

Retail-specific data

The data on food supermarket catchment areas and on the consumption potential for 250 product families are available from IRIS for the most realistic and accurate surveys.

Points of interest

Points of interest (POI) are classified into more than fifty categories and are linked to the road network. Institutions, elements of transport infrastructure (parking, station ...), shops, sports and cultural facilities ... POI enable mobile forces to better organize their field routes.